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If you are a big fan of Inspiration and Kidspiration the good news is that there is now an online version called webspiration. It is currently in beta but you can sign up to give it a run. The interface is pretty much the same as the inspiration product and behaves in pretty much the same way. So if you have used any of their products, you will be instantly productive!

Some interesting features include the ability to collaborate with others in real time and uploading and downloading of Inspiration 8.5 files. One interesting omission in the product is the ability to upload an image

So for all those teachers that have wanted to use Inspiration but couldn’t get it past their school’s IT budget, go and sign up while it lasts. I couldn’t find any details of future pricing or premium services. This is oviously a response from the large number of other web2.0 services that offer free visual thinking tools – bubbl.us, mindmeister.com, mind42.com, gliffy.com and others.

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2 Responses to “Webspiration concept mapping”

  1. Lindsey M. Says:

    Thank you for providing information about Webspiration! I recently downloaded a program called CMAPS, however, Webspiration blows CMAPS out of the water! It is great to have a tool like Webspiration available. As an educator, I am thrilled for a few reasons. First, as you mentioned in your blog, it’s free! I am in favor of any quality program that I can use in my classroom, especially when there is not a price to pay! Second, because it is on the web, I do not have to save the files to a flash drive to share between computers. Lastly, with the online access, I can now have my students access and create concept maps using their own usernames and passwords! Thank you for blogging about Webspiration!

  2. Kyra Fetherston Says:

    mywebspiration is great. I have pestered the powers that be to install Flash Player 10 on all of the school computers so that I can use it before the end of the year. I hope to have each student add something to a class mindmap. Thanks for making such a great suggestion.

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