Technology and education articles.

Take a look at some of the most influential bloggers in education and also articles that I consider a must read.

Will Richardson:

“And so there it is. Another one of those nasty little truths about all of this. The biggest shift is not the technology, not the practice, not even the implementation. It’s the cultural, social shift that moves us….”

The Pretty Good Teacher

This is a fictional story about the use of Moodle, the free, opensource Learning Managent System. However, I think it applies equally to any other technology we use in the classroom

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants (Marc Prensky)

“Today’s students have not just changed incrementally from those of the past, nor simply changed their slang, clothes, body adornments, or styles, as has happened between generations previously. A really big discontinuity has taken place. One might even call it a “singularity” – an event which changes things so fundamentally that there is absolutely no going back. This so-called “singularity” is the arrival and rapid dissemination of digital technology in the last decades of the 20th century.” Read more here….

Will Richardson – The Unlearning Curve

“One of the most challenging pieces of figuring out how to move education forward in a systemic way is the “unlearning curve” that we teachers and educators have to go through to even see the possibilities that lay before us. So much of our traditional thinking about personal learning and classroom practice is being challenged by our ability to publish and connect and collaborate primarily because of the opportunities afforded by the Read/Write Web.” Read more …

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