Here is my collection of resources that I’ve found useful when working with students and teachers to create scratch projects. Please use the comments to inform me of any other good resources. Happy scratching :)

scratchhowto.jpgScratch ‘How to’ from MIT
This is where you will find all the MIT Scratch resources. This is the number one stop for all things related to Scratch!

  • Getting Started
  • Videos
  • Reference guide
  • Help screens
  • FAQ
  • Scratch cards

Scratch Videos

Scratch Videos from MIT
4 videos – Intro video, About Scratch, Image effects, and a Scratch Workshop.

How create Pong in 7 minutes with Scratch
A screencast of mine showing how to create the arcade game Pong.

Scratch Tutorials by students
A number of short screencasts created by students which demonstrate various Scratch techniques.

Teaching Students to Think with Scratch
This video was created by Chris Betcher for the k12 Online Conference. The video looks at some of the key ideas behind programming in Scratch and explores some activities that students could be given to encourage problem solving and higher level thinking.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have two sides. One showing the technique and one showing the blocks needed to make it work. This is the easiest way to get started with students. Download the cards, print them out, give them to students and start Scratching.

Scratch Resources

A site dedicated to sharing Scratch resources. You’ll find new sprites, sounds, and tutorials.

ScratchEd Website

‘Learn, Share and Connect’ with other educators. The official Scratch community for educators to share resources, experiences, have discussions and to connect with one another.

Scratch Resources at Redware

This site contains lessons, videos and project files on various Scratch projects.

Learn Scratch Website

This site contains video tutorials and practical guides designed for teachers and students.

A Simple Intro to Scratch  by Trevor Blunn

A Teachnet Project, this site gives a simple introduction to a number of Scratch concepts. It includes some good explantations with screen grabs of various parts of Scratch.

A Moodle course for Scratch
This is a Moodle course I created for students to learn Scratch. It is called “Multimedia Programming with Scratch”. You can log in as a guest or signup if you want to take the quizzes and complete the journal reflections.

‘Visual Quick Start Guide’
scratchqucikstartpdf.jpg My Visual Quick Start Guide with lots of screenshots and labels explaining Scratch.

How to embed Scratch projects into web pages

Describes how to embed a Scratch game into your blog or webpage. This involves having a Scratch account and embedding code much like you can with Youtube, Slideshare and others.

Scratch Curriculum Ideas

Bill Kerr outlines some student challenges using Scratch

Scratch projects for the Primary/Elementary School

A free wiki book about Scratch

How to make a ‘Fish Game’ step by step

sensorboardsScratch Sensor Boards

Scratch in the News

Free tool offers ‘easy’ coding – from the BBC in the UK

Scratch makes programming like playing with LEGO bricks

With simplified code, programming becomes child’s play – from the Boston Globe

Creating from Scratch

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